Bowhunting  is challenging. Finding a lethal, accurate and resilient broadhead shouldn’t be. Eclipse designs, builds and tests our products to guarantee the ultimate, deadly broadhead.

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Lethal Accuracy

A lot goes into an accurately placed arrow: bow tuning, arrow length, arrow material, fletching design and lastly the broadhead. The most important aspect to an accurate broadhead is consistency in the build quality. Every Eclipse Broadhead is precision built to our ruthless build standards. We inspect, weigh and hand spin each broadhead before it’s shipped to ensure only the best products leave our shop.

Passthrough Technology

There’s nothing more indicative of a lethal shot than an arrow that passes right through an animal. Extreme penetration is highly sought by all archery hunters. Each of our broadheads feature a special Teflon coating that reduces friction and increases penetration.

Less friction = Ultimate Penetration!

Easy to Sharpen

Nothing is more frustrating than a broadhead that won’t keep an edge. That’s why we built our broadheads with high carbon spring steel. After years of research, we found that heat treating our broadheads to an incredibly narrow range of 48-51 Rockwell produced a broadhead that is easy to sharpen that also maintains its edge. All of our broadheads are sharp enough to shave with out of the box.


Resilience comes from the material makeup of an object. High Carbon spring steel is incredibly resistant to bending, snapping or shattering making it a perfect material for broadheads.

The weakest point in a broadhead is the connection of the blade to the ferrule. We developed a spot welding and copper brazing processes that binds the space between the ferrule and blade creating a bond stronger than metal itself.

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NEW 4 Blade Broadhead

Our Werewolf line has evolved! Introducing the new WEREWOLF HeX – our very first 4 blade broadhead. Built to same incredibly high standards, this broadhead is constructed from high-carbon spring steel for ultimate durability and utilizes our teflon coating design for ultimate penetration. We can guarantee that there isn’t a more accurate and resilient 4 blade broadhead on the market today.

Available in 150 grain and 200 grain options.

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Lifetime Guarantee!

The only thing stronger than our products is our lifetime guarantee. If you bend or break it, we’ll replace it!

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New Werewolf Recurve

The Werewolf Recurve has a lethal draw weight of 40lbs 45lbs. 50lbs. or 55lbs The riser is made of a an incredibly strong metal alloy and features an ergonomic handle specially designed to ensure a proper grip for increased accuracy. The high performance limbs feature bamboo and clear glass. They utilize the ILF limb attachment system so you can easily take the bow apart without tools. The Werewolf Recurve comes complete with a carrying case and stringer making it a complete kit.

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